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Next-Generation Change Management Platform. Tailored for consultants leading the charge in digital transformation.

Get Insights. Uncover your clients' needs with our AI-enhanced interview toolkit.

Drive Change. Deploy multi-stage AI-assistants to tasks and elevate efficiency.

Measure Impact. Track and improve your strategies for operational excellence.

Elevate Your Business Edge. Enhance client satisfaction with rapid deployment and accessible entry levels.

Maximize Efficiency.

  • Streamline the rollout of your consulting services.
  • Accelerate the process of onboarding new clients.

Boost Revenue.

  • Offer additional services to existing clients.
  • Refine and improve the efficiency of your offerings.
  • Expand your portfolio to include a wider range of AI-powered services.

Deliver Exceptional Value.

  • Achieve swift implementation times.
  • Benefit from minimal ongoing costs.
  • Provide a significant productivity increase for your clients.

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Lavinia Iosub looking straight at the camera

Lavinia Iosub Founder of Remote Skills Academy by Livit

Objective: Streamline Meeting Processes, Enhance Meeting Quality

Overview: Lavinia employs the Meetings Optimizer, an AI tool, to transform client meetings into more efficient and impactful engagements.

Sophie Wade smiling

Sophie Wade Workforce Innovation Specialist

Objective: Accelerate Client Acquisition, Optimize Existing Services

Overview: Sophie leverages AI-Mentor to enhance her existing services and streamline the client discovery process, significantly reducing the time required to understand and meet customer needs.

Joe O'Connor sitting on a bench

Joe O'Connor ex-CEO of 4DayWeek Global

Objective: Facilitate 4-Day Work Week Adoption, Empower Leadership

Overview: Joe is developing an AI-Assistant to mentor leaders in seamlessly integrating the 4-day work week model into their organizational structure, optimizing both productivity and well-being.

Features. Our platform supports a fluid move from insight to action.

Diagnostic Tool.

Survey Assistant.

Easily create and distribute surveys with an option for respondents to participate without logging in.

Insightful Reports.

Transform survey data into actionable reports. Gain clear, visual insights into survey outcomes to make informed decisions.

AI-Assistants Suite.

Multi-stage Interactions

Deploy AI-assistants capable of handling complex, multi-stage interactions.

Additional Knowledge & 3rd Party Tools.

Enrich your AI-assistants by integrating additional information sources. Process and understand content from PDF and Word documents.

Workplace Analytics

Ongoing Analytics
Track real-time performance improvements and efficiency gains.

Habits Tracker
Visualize the adoption of new work habits with streaks and scores.

Usage Insights
Assess AI-Assistant adoption rates and user engagement, correlating usage with operational outcomes.

By Consultants. For Consultants

Designed with the expertise and foresight of professionals from Remote-how and Remote-First Institute. This platform is born from a deep understanding of consultants' unique challenges and aspirations in the digital landscape. It's tailored to empower consultants with AI-driven solutions that streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and drive meaningful change, reflecting a perfect synergy of innovation and practicality in consultancy.

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